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Why Does Everyone Wear an Essentials Hoodie?

There are thousands of options out there when it comes to hoodie selection. The variety and designs are endless, and that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because typically you don’t know where to start.  However, Essentials has earned fame and a name, that no other brand has yet done. But, Why does everyone wear an Essentials hoodie? The noticeable aspects are the quality and trendsetter concepts of the Fear of God.

10 Reasons Why USA Community Likes to Wear an Essentials Hoodie

Here are some reasons why kids, adults youth, and everyone like to wear essential clothing in usa.

1. Pure Cotton and Polyester

The most common and quintessential hoodie fabric is a relaxed cut. We see that pullover hoodies are not necessarily fitted but more of a relaxed design cut. So, it would give you a 50% cotton and 50% polyester mix-up.

2. GSM Specs

In terms of the weight, we’ll be measuring the weight in GSM, which is grams per square meter. So, how many grams is a square meter of fabric weight, and then on the inner finish, what those details are as well? So, in this specific application, with our blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. We go for around a 320 GSM weight. This is going to give you a medium to slightly heavier weight feel to the fabric, both in the thickness and the overall weight.

3. Inner Finish

As for the finish on the inside, we’ll go for a brushed fleece inner finish. Why brushed fleece? So, when we brush the garment on the inside, it breaks away the fibres, creating this very smooth fleece-light appearance. Because of the larger surface area of the fibers, it’s going to do a much better job at trapping heat in, and it’s going to give the garment a slicker and smoother finish on the inside, adding comfort to the wear.

4. Cotton of Comfort

The great blend of cotton and polyester here is going to give you the best of both seasons. Cotton is a natural fiber, so it has a very natural and matte touch, versus polyester, which is a synthetic fiber. Essentials Hoodies cotton gives the garment a bit more slickness and smoothness overall and adds to the durability. So, that’s why we love this blend of both cotton and polyester, equal parts because it gives you the best of both worlds.

5. Polyester For Durability

Fear of God hoodie fabric is best suited to your quintessential pullover hoodie that’s not quite fitted but not quite oversized. It’s going to give you the flexibility that you need through the polyester while still retaining that natural cotton touch and durability that you’re going to get with polyester. So, it’s a great blend, and it’s one that we would recommend if you’re going for a pullover hoodie for longer durability.

6. Quality Yarn Processing

Number two is a fabric that we would recommend Essentials Hoodies for more fitted and athletic-like training style garments thanks to the quality yarn processing. Some FOG hoodies range between an 85% cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex blend at a 280 GSM weight. So, not necessarily a medium weight but more like a lightweight to medium weight.

7. Refined Finishing

The finish on the inside that I recommend is an interlock finish, which is going to give the fabric structure and rigidity while still retaining its flexibility. Because this is a garment that’s going to be more or less fitted on the wearer, you want to make sure that it’s going to give it the stretch that it needs to conform to the body and to articulate the different body parts correctly. When it comes to the weight of the garment, like I said, we’re going for something that’s 280, so nothing too heavy and nothing too light.

8. Slick and Stylish Designs

Some FOG Hoodies are o100% polyester fabric blend. So, it’s 100% polyester, but the inner finish is a micro brush fleece inner finish. So, this fabric, nothing is a dual tonality about it. That’s how the material gives you peace of mind with Stylish designs. the outside, it’s very slick and technical feeling, that’s going to give it water-resistant properties and just overall it’s going to make the fabric a lot more repellent to moisture and sweat being suitable for outdoor applications.

9. Light Weight Fabric Knitting

Another good reason for Essentials Hoodies Without having to make the fabric too heavy is because polyester is lighter weight than cotton from a weight perspective. Polyester is traditionally more lightweight than cotton. Thus, 280 GSM is going to have enough thickness it to make the fabric feel substantial and to give it the structure and rigidity that it needs. 

10. Trendier and Worthier

Essentials Hoodies are a little bit more expensive than your run-of-the-mill fabrics. But the payoff is huge.  This is a fabrication you should be using if you intend your garment to be used for more outdoor or more technical applications. So, you want the fabric to function and to be able to withstand the elements.

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