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Why Essentials Hoodies Are So Expensive?

When you think to buy quality and brand, you need to pay the price accordingly. In fact, brands charge for their exclusivity and quality. So, 500-dollar Essentials Sweatshirt to an 800-dollar Essentials Tracksuit, a question that is often asked is why Essentials hoodies are so expensive. Why does the Essentials brand keep the prices higher for their products? Some critics will argue it’s about the quality; as refiner quality, you pay more price you get what you pay for. Today, we take a closer look at the different factors behind the high and still rising luxury fashion prices of the Essentials hoodies.

High-Quality Material and Manufacturing Costs

Luxury brand prices have always been high but over time prices have risen at rates that far exceed general inflation levels. A logical starting point is one of the multiple influences on high prices: the growing cost symbol. Essentials designers tend to work with high-quality materials than your average brand would and this has an impact on how their price is such a product. On top of that rise in raw material costs to supply shortages or increases in demand ultimately affect the final prices faced by consumers.

Organic Wool and Cotton

Many high-end brands like Essentials that Live with the Sun also have the book with their products manufactured in European countries. They have their farms and sheep breeds dedicated to brand manufacturing. Essentials process the wools they use in Essentials hoodie in Mongolia. They further synthesize the cotton and other organic materials in the agricultural farms in Bangladesh and China. It also means the overall labor and manufacturing costs are going to be greater than the other brands. If the same process were to take place in Asia for example a continent, the prices would that lower. Because many other brands take advantage of some of the cheapest production costs in the world.

R&D Research and Development

While material and factory costs contribute to higher prices the prices of luxury brands charge for their items far exceed the direct costs involved in making them. In a 2018 interview with The Essentials figurehead, he added context to this notion when he describes how prices aren’t solely based on the end product. However, he explained in the interview that his products are not only highly appreciable due to quality but also the research and development that goes into making them. That is the reason for which Essentials hoodies are generally pricier.

Marketing and Branding

Essentials brand costs are higher due to their franchise location. They rent outlets in the posh areas and downtown. So, it is possibly the most important one marketing all add massively in their prices. However, it’s a luxury brand that overall costs a runway show for an average advertising. It can cost more than fifteen thousand per minute to stage with some other brands. It is considerably more millions spent on big celebrity endorsement deals. It can cost hundreds of thousands to shoot and then even more to advertise them in the right places. So, customers are convinced that they should spend as much on the latest sneakers as they would on the holiday.

Brand Prestige and Exclusivity

Now that the cost-related factors are out of the way. Let’s keep it real luxury brands will also play in seemingly absurd prices on products simply to keep the prestige levels higher. Back in 2018 Essence and n announced that they would raise the prices to increase its appeal to the upper end of its consumer base in addition to attracting new wealthier customers. Essentials is a luxury fashion brand. So, it invests considerable time and money in perfecting the hoodie designs and color processes. Such a professional practice ensures exclusivity and quality in their Fear of God Essentials Hoodies. It also justifies their higher price points in the American Market.

Psychological Factors

A final factor to mention which also plays a part is the human psyche people have historically equated cost to quality a 2008 study from Caltech found people who drank the same wine ranked as more enjoyable when they were told it cost more even though what was actually in the glass was identical this could arguably be applied to fashion too this isn’t to say that luxury brand products are the same quality as products for more affordable brands but the price and difference between the two is likely to be far more substantial than the difference in quality.

Final Words

People also pay historically higher costs to quality for luxury brands to capitalize on this perception that they wear branded essentials clothing. The assimilation between price and exclusivity renders the high-end products more expensive to the high-candy consumers, regardless of their actual status in terms of financial stability. Materials and designer expertise also lead the Essentials brand to sell the hoodies at comparatively higher prices.

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