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How to Wash Essentials Hoodie?

We spend a big quotient of our income on our clothing. Quality clothing does not get worn out by wearing year after year. They only get ripped off when we use underrated washing practices. The same applies to Fear of God Essentials hoodies. Most people look for how to wash Fear of God Essentials Hoodie, so here we go to bring you a step-by-step guide on washing the hoodies. It is part of our Essentials Hoodies blog series we’re doing on garment care.

So, in this blog, we will deal with how to get clothing washed with exotic fabrics. Also, stay tuned for further parts in the blog series that deal with some cheap and easy laundry hacks you can use for your Essentials Hoodies and most importantly, how to get stains out of any kind of garment.

Essentials Hoodies Washing Methods

First of all, Essentials fleece doesn’t actually need to be washed very often as the lanolin oils that are present in the fleece. It makes it naturally anti-microbial. So, as long as your fleece garments are only subjected to average wear and you give them a little bit of time to air out in between wearing. Though, you won’t actually have to put them through your washing machine or hand wash them all that often.

In those situations where you do think that a wash would be best, however, fight the impulse to take your wool garments to the dry cleaner. The solvents that are used in dry cleaning are eventually harsh on wool fibers and will break them down over time.

1. Be Careful For Washing Agent

Why are most people so apprehensive about washing wool at home then? Common knowledge seems to be that wool will shrink if it’s exposed to water, heat, detergents, or other factors. However, there are two essential truths: firstly, what’s doing most of the washing when you wash your clothing is having water pass over and between the fibers of your clothing.

Essentials hoodies are very special and expensive so it is important to choose easing agents. The detergent or washing powder we use in our cloth washing process, especially in washing machines behaves as a surfactant. Essentially, it turns the water more slippery so that it can more easily get between the fibers of your clothing. In other words, the water can get to the work of the washing, not the detergent.

2. Second Laundering Practice

Second, here is something you actually may find mind-blowing about Essentials hoodie fleece. It does not actually shrink in the laundering process. Rather, as the fleece or cotton fibers are agitated back and forth and move around during washing, especially during drying, they lock closer and closer together creating another material that you may also have heard of, felt. Sometimes, of course, felting wool can be a good thing such as in the process of making traditional men’s hoodies. But of course, you do not want your hoodies to end up the same way.

How to Evade Fiber Felting?

The majority of felting is not going to take place in the washing machine since water will be in between most of the individual fibers. Rather, where felting occurs most often is in the dryer as the clothes are dry, hot, and constantly agitated. So ultimately then, the primary thing to focus on whenever you are washing Essentials hoodie is just to prevent felting. This is true for either of the two techniques we are about to share with you.

How to Hand-wash Essentials Hoodies?

With that in mind then, hand-washing your Essentials Hoodies is the safest method for cleaning them. So, it is the method we will go over first. To get started, add two capfuls of a gentle cleaning agent like wool and cashmere shampoo to a container of room-temperature water.  Then follow the following process:

  •       Turn the sweater inside out before washing.
  •       Submerge the sweater in the water.
  •       Gently agitate it with your hands to ensure the cleaning agent is thoroughly worked through.

1. Soaking & Drying Processes

Then soak the sweater for at least ten minutes and up to half an hour. After you’ve done this, you can rinse the sweater by running cool water through it and when the water is no longer with soap. You will know that the garment is thoroughly rinsed.

Before drying the rest of the way, you can take some of the excess water out of the sweater by applying gentle pressure. Keep in mind that you should never wring out Essentials cloths as the excessive agitation is definitely going to distort the fibers and might have the potential to cause some felting.

2. Let Hoodie Release Excessive Color

If you see any visible color in your basin of water, don’t worry. The garment has just released some of the excess dye that it had put into it and you’re not going to see any visible loss of color in the garment when you wear it again. Since the full drying process is the same for the washing methods we have discussed above.

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