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Ultimate Fear of God ESSENTIALS Hoodie Size Guide

A new dawn, a new day for Fear of God Essentials with the women’s line exclusively offered in addition to the unisex line. Or at least, that’s what we think of it. Then, there’s womenswear. But is there a change in sizing? You may have assumed to consult the right Ultimate Fear of God ESSENTIALS Hoodie Size Guide.  When it comes to some things like sizing, you cannot rely on brand-defined sizes. Not, at least based on the measurements on the website. That’s why you don’t worry about the things that we don’t see these days. Though we bring an ultimate guide on Essentials women’s hoodies size explanation. Let us give you a guideline over the men’s and women’s hoodie size dimensions for Fear of God Essentials hoodies.

Men’s & Women’s Normal Wearing Sizes

Item Women’s Wear (inches) Men’s Wear (inches)
Relax Sweats Waist: 26 Waist: 32
Across: 15 Across: 15.5
T-Shirts Armpit to Armpit: 22.75 Armpit to Armpit: 23.75
Relax Crew Neck Chest: 26.25 Chest: 26.75
Length: (Not provided) Length: (Not provided)

Small Size Variance in Men & Women

Look at the relaxed sweats for the pants under women’s wear, it shows 15 inches across for a size small. And then for the men’s side, it shows 15 and a half. Everything else looks to be the same. However, if you look at the waist size, this is telling. If you look at the waist for the two separate models, for small women, it shows a 26 waist.

Medium Size Variance in Men’s & Women’s

For men, it shows 32. I’ll be quite honest with you, my waist is a 25-26. I don’t ever shop that for pants, especially if they happen to be material that’s not giving. Like if it’s denim,  we would never even be able to fit into 26 again. About men’s pants, not women’s pants. You may also have too many squats, deadlifts, and lunges making it impossible for your legs. It gets into pants just based on what my true waist size is.

Women’s Essentials Hoodies Size Chart

Bust 30 32 34 36 38 40 42
Waist 22 24 26 28 30 32 34
Hips 32 34 36 38 40 42 44


So most times, if it’s a fleece hoodie, we will go up or have to go up in waist 30 to a 34 or a 32 to have a little bit of room in there. And then it usually means you have to get the actual waist tailored down.  However, we accept it for the size variance based on the physique. However, there is a difference in the sizing for the sweatshirt. So, if you are on more of the petite side, shorter side women, or just ringing a small or shorter. Then it may benefit you now to look at the women’s hoodies that are listed versus the men’s sweats.

Measurement From Underarms

Now looking at that from the women’s wear, it shows 22.75 inches across armpit to armpit. For men, it shows 23.75 inches across. And another what inch and a half or so, at least an additional inch down. So longer and a tad bit wider. Didn’t expect that with the difference.  There’s no difference between the sweatshirt and Essentials Fear of God hoodies or uppers. So whether you’re looking at menswear or women’s wear, the sweatshirts have the same measurement. At least for the product measurement site or product measurement photos.

Size Variance in Underarm

And then looking at the relaxed crew neck, so again, relax, it does not have the traditional cuff at the bottom of the hem. It has the same measurement for, well actually no, slight difference I take that back. So the chest for women’s wear is 26.25, and for men’s is 26.75. So just slightly wider armpits of armpit. And then it shows a half-inch shorter, which that part does not make sense to me.

Why Size Chart Guidance is Necessary?

There is a difference though if you shop within the women’s wear section versus menswear. We didn’t think that whatever the style was. However,  someone posed that question on the search engine.  They made the statement, ‘I don’t think everything is unisex anymore.’ Because they traditionally purchased the extra extra small from the Fear of God Essentials clothing drops. That might not fit one way. That’s why, knowing the right size chart is necessary.

Final Words

Everybody has a different physique and fitting aspects. So, we urge you to take your measurements yourself or by a professional tailor near you. It will give you an idea of the exact size and measurement dimensions as per your physique and fitting. Thus, you will find the perfect sizing Essentials hoodies for your winter mood.

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